Was there a time when you suddenly think of a good business idea? However, when you search for it online, there’s already someone who executed that same idea you had. Most of us fall on this trap of not executing ideas.

Turning something into reality takes some hard work, late nights, and dedication to making everything possible. How do make it possible?

Ideas don’t make you rich. The correct execution of ideas does.

Felix Dennis

Write down your idea into a paper. Out of nowhere ideas just pop out of our head but disappear on a thin air when we divert our attention to something else. A piece of paper will help you remember things you forget.

Do your research. When I landed on my first job, it so happens that our office was in the Philippine Stock Exchange Building and some of my colleagues inform me that we can earn money from the stock market. Unfortunately, but none of them knows how to do it. I was so desperate to make my money work for me so I grab my computer and look for a tutorial and now I am investing in the stocks.

Execute. It’s the stage where most ideas and plans disappear. To make all things possible, you must have the desire to take action and resilience if something didn’t come out as planned. I created my first blog in January of this year and had some issue with the logo. It didn’t make any progress until I created a different blog. Having a little interest in your idea might affect the process.

Be consistent. You cannot eat an apple with just one bite. Breaking things into pieces will make it easier for us to do a certain task. Alloting one hour a day consistently to execute your idea will help you reduce stress and can help you balance other aspects of your life.

Lastly, look for people who support you. As Peng Joon always say “Environment is stronger than will power”. Remember that you are not alone, there will always be people who will support you when others are pulling you down. However, people who believe in you is not enough if you don’t even believe in yourself.


Armand Manibo, LPT, is the owner of Kuya Ripot and licensed Financial Adviser. Email Armand for personal finance advice armandmanibo@kuyaripot.com or follow his page on Facebook @kuyaripotofficial


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  1. Thanks coach..hope to see more post like this helping other people to have a happy and healthy pocket LOL. Keep it up Armand!

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