Here’s How You Can Help Farmers and Earn at the Same Time

Here’s How You Can Help Farmers and Earn at the Same Time

Due to unrestricted rice imports, some farmers are forced to sell their harvest at P7 just to compete with imported rice, much lower than the cost to produce it at over P12.

But did you know that you can help farmers and earn at the same time? It is through crowdfunding.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, Agriculture has 7.3% share in Philippine GDP in 2018.

It’s really sad knowing that we are an agriculture country but we are still among the top rice importers in the world.

I came from a family of farmers and it’s my parent’s main source of income.

It’s also one of the main reason why I and my siblings were able to finish college.

However, if we depend on that alone, graduating from college might just be a dream for us. However, I still believe that there is still some hope in Philippine Agriculture.

Two years ago, I discovered that I can earn from agriculture while helping local farmers at the same time. Until now, it’s giving me a passive source of income.

These are the three companies that can help you earn money without going into the process of tilling the soil. is a crowdfunding community where people can help farmers on their financial needs and at the same time reap rewards for their contributions. It was established in 2014 and currently owns 96 hectares of farmland property located in Isabela and Quirino Province

It is a crowdfunding community wherein investors (farmoner) select which crops (such as papaya, petsay, string beans, legumes, varieties of pepper and others) or livestock (such as pigs, goats, ducks, and chickens) they will choose to invest in a particular cycle. Once the company harvest and sold their products, you will get a profit from it.

You can invest for as low as 1,500 to 9,000 per plot. The maximum investment per cycle is P300,000. They accept contributions once the cycle opens which is usually announced on their Official Facebook page and their website.


It is also a crowdfunding platform that is a globally recognized organization whose development is being supported by institutions in the U.S.A, Netherlands, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is a social enterprise providing farmers access to scalable and sustainable financing.

Use cases and historical statistical data show rates of returns for users, ranging from 3% to 30% in less than 6 months. Their minimum investment per farm is P5,000 and maximum investment per farm is P15,000.

They also announced whenever they are open for investment through email but you can register on their website anytime.

DV Boer Farm

Established in 2014, Situated in Balibago Lian Batangas and occupies an eleven hectare of land. They also have sub farms located all over the country. DV Boer farm is a breeding haven of full-blood boer goats directly imported from Australia.

Their minimum investment for their Paiwi is P10,000 to P1,060,000.

Final Thoughts

Investing in farms just like other forms of investment still has some risk involved.

Risks arise from adverse weather conditions such as drought or excessive rainfall at harvest or planting.

Putting your eggs in one basket is still not advisable. We also have to keep in mind that we need to have an emergency fund and life insurance before investing.

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