Is the Stock Market For Everyone?

Is the Stock Market For Everyone?

Four years ago, I was sitting inside our company’s cafeteria located in the Philippine Stock Exchange and I was wondering what is this for until I watched the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. What comes to my mind at that time is that I need to have at least a million peso and I need to be someone with a Finance or Business degree to invest in the stock market.

I have no one to ask that time so I did a simple research. I got into a blog of Omeng Tawid and he did explain stock market in layman’s term. I learned that the stock market is like inflation, it goes up over time, there are times that it goes down. If you bought a candy 10 years ago for 25 centavos and sell it now for 1 peso then you earn 300% profit. I even encourage my friends to invest and I got few hesitations and summarize these into three:

I am poor, I can’t invest. Then you have more reason to invest in the stock market. If 5,000 pesos is a large amount for you then maybe 1,000 pesos will not be a pain in the butt. Recently, stock brokerage firms lower their starting capital from 5,000 pesos to 1,000. It will still depend on what online brokers you will use.


I am a good person, I don’t gamble. I know you are a good person, no question with that but in the stock market is not gambling. By investing in the stock market, you became a shareholder of a legitimate company. If you think it’s gambling and you have a full-time job then you are probably gambling also. You are investing your time with them but there is no guarantee that the company will stay for a long time. The stock market is for everyone who thinks that the market is not gambling.

I am not a risk taker. The stock market is not only for those people who buy and sell stocks within the day or within a short period of time (traders). You can also invest in the stock market long term as companies have potential growth in the long run (investors). The stock market is for everyone but some strategies are not.

Is the stock market for everyone? Yes, it for everyone who thinks they deserve a better life. For everyone who thinks that every Filipino deserves to achieve financial freedom.

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