How Did I Start a Business at the Age of 15 and How Can You Do It Too

How Did I Start a Business at the Age of 15 and How Can You Do It Too

Do you think entrepreneurial spirit can be taught or it’s an innate skill?

As for me, even though I started at an early age, I think it can always be taught and developed.

It was my first time having a mobile phone when I was still in my fourth year in high school. Most of my classmates already have theirs at that time. I feel I was a bit late and missed out a lot but I think it was the best opportunity for me to start a business.

I already have my prospects so I started my loading business, my first business. My parents also own a sari-sari store at that time so I told them that I will sell mobile loads in our neighborhood.

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My business is doing well and I was able to save up thousands of pesos. I purchased a new mobile phone and a brand new laptop out of my profit. Doing projects and assignments became easier because of this. I don’t even have to ask for money from my parents to buy materials from my projects and for photocopies of our lectures.

Since buying a book is expensive we just rely on photocopies for our lectures. However, most of our budget goes there. I thought it would be a good opportunity to start a new business. I bought a printer with copier and start a printing and copier business.

Why did I do all this?

Aside from the fact that I see everything as an opportunity for me to do something I always have a deep why. I was born poor and I don’t want to die poor as well.

What’s your biggest why?

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  1. I want my kids to have the same passion you have. Everything is really possible with a strong why.

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