Signs that You are Materialistic Without Knowing It

Signs that You are Materialistic Without Knowing It

 “ Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like. ” .

Will Rogers

We are living in a purchasing driven society. Technology and social media contribute a lot to this. There are now multiple ways to spend our money with just a tap on our screen.

We can easily book a hotel, car, and flights online. We can purchase items like bags, shoes, and appliances. We can make an easy decision about what brand of car we should buy or what house we should purchase.

Without knowing, it affects every decision in our lives and even describes who we are. These are the signs that you are materialistic without knowing it.

1. You are always on the shopping website whenever you feel bored.

2. You already have a plan of what to buy on your payday.

3. The cash value of your material possessions is bigger than your savings.

4. You can always think of what to sell when you run out of budget.

5. You own a car but with no savings.

6. You always have the latest gadget but always runs out of budget.

7. You are obsessed about material things and store them but never really use them.

8. You are always at the shopping malls especially when they are on sale.

It is difficult to admit but it’s part of being self-aware. I also have terrible buying decisions in life but I was able to fix it easily. By being aware of what’s messing my savings and what causing me stress helps me a lot.

Remember, treating yourself doesn’t always mean buying material things. According to research, people who spend money on an experience is happier than buying stuff. However, any spending regardless if it’s for material things or experiences should always be in moderation. Always choose what matters.

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