Small Expenses That Makes Our Savings Sink

Small Expenses That Makes Our Savings Sink

As a social media influencer and finance blogger, the most powerful tool I have is my laptop. I bring it anywhere I go and there are times I also get hungry so I have to eat and work at the same time. I am seeing one or two ants going back in forth inside my laptop but I ignore them. One day, the keyboard is not working anymore.

I had to have it repaired and it’s confirmed, it is infected by ants. It is evident that ants are small but undeniably terrible.

Same with the way we budget our money, there are small expenses we ignore that’s adding up and ruins our savings account. Here’s a few of them.

Taxi or Carpool

Compute the average number of times you ride on a taxi or book a carpool ride, multiply by the average fare. Spending 100 pesos adds up to a whopping 500 pesos per working week or 2000 pesos per working month. Commuting may not be comfortable but your savings may buy you a new car in the future.

Coffee or Milk Tea

With the high demand for BPO employees or employees on graveyard shift comes with the increasing number of people who would spend money to stay awake during their work. Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tim Hortons is the best place to be but expensive. Average drinkers spend around ₱200/day on coffee, what more if you do it every day.


Despite the increase in the price of cigarettes of 4% every year doesn’t even scare us from spending money on this kind of vices. It does not only destroy our lungs but also our budget. Remember living healthy is cheaper.

Fast food

Everything comes instantaneously these days.  Fast food is the best place to be if you are running late, too lazy to cook, or you just want to treat yourself. You don’t have to abandon these tasty meals, but indulging in moderation for your budget’s sake is worth a shot. Try to limit such treats to once a week, or even once a month.

Prepaid Load

Being active in social media just like other forms of entertainment is now a part of our budget and becomes a need for some. An average person spends around 30 pesos a day to stay connected. Try to compute how much it adds up monthly and you will surely be surprised.

It is very important to monitor our everyday expenses as much as possible even a one peso candy you bought at the store. You can use Excel and phone applications. In that way, we can determine what expenses are not important that needs to be minimized or get rid off.

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